Cedar Glade tattoo reference pics

I want a tattoo of a Nashville breadroot, which is a native plant that grows only in cedar glades. Possibly with a couple of other cedar glade natives, but the breadroot is the most important one. Placement will be on the outer side of my left ankle/calf area, possibly but not necessarily extending onto my foot. I have a tattoo on my right leg that starts at the side of my right foot, drapes over the top of the foot, and then twines around my ankle, and I like that effect very much. This is not at all a requirement for the new tattoo, just a possibility. For size I am flexible, thinking roughly in the 4-6” square range. Full color. I very much like some of your florals that you have labeled as neotraditional, but I also like naturalistic and fine line styles.

The most important plant to include will be the Nashville Breadroot. The tattoo may include only that, or it might include a few additional glade natives. If additional plants are included, the Tennessee coneflower will be the second most important to include, then Spring Creek bladderpod third (this is an endangered plant, and I live on Spring Creek Road), then fourth bluets or gladecress or blue-eyed grass. There are many other cedar glade natives as well, but no need to overcomplicate the tat!

Nashville Breadroot

Tennessee Coneflower

Spring Creek Bladderpod



Blue-eyed grass

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