Tashi — Anatolian Shepherd — and Friends!

These pics were all taken this spring and summer. She’s about 3 years old. It’s very difficult to appreciate her size in these photos, but I’ll list the weights of the other dogs in the pics and the video so you can compare.

Here is Tashi showing off her beautiful face.
IMG_6489 copy IMG_5693

Here is Tashi being a Vicious Killer. Also giving a duck a heart attack.IMG_6597 copy

Here’s one of my credentials (Spot) NOT having a heart attack. The black doberman at the edge of the photo (Kenna) was about 75 pounds.

Here’s what happens during shedding season.

Dogs being goofy!
1. The black doberman (Kenna) was about 75 pounds.
2. The lab mix getting viciously massacreed in the video (Jane, aka Plain Jane) is about 60-65 pounds.
3. The bald blue doberman being goofy in the video (Jackson) was 95 pounds last time he was weighed. Yes, he’s lumpy as well as goofy — it’s pretty common for old dobermans to grow a lot of lipomas! (And blue dobermans are very commonly bald — it’s a condition called Color Dilution Alopecia.) And what he’s doing is digging for imaginary moles — it’s a thing he does. He actually catches a real one every once in a while!

Spot again, just because!IMG_E5934IMG_E5830trim



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