2 thoughts on “Hugo Voting, 2000-2017

  1. I’m pasting some comments from Brian Niemeier’s blog here so that I can find them easily next year. These are all from the comments section of the same blog entry, here:


    Brian Niemeier: “Worldcon attendance, Hugo nominating ballots, and final ballots down 50% in the first year Greg’s master plan is in place. ”

    Jeff Duntemann: “The Hugos will only last as long as Tor does, and I’m not bullish about that. Eight years. Maybe ten. Winter is coming.”

    JD Cowan: “It’s no wonder fans are abandoning the Sci-Fi community at an alarming rate.”

    Brian Niemeier: “the drop off in Hugo participation we saw this year will drastically accelerate.”

    Stay tuned to see how well these predictions match up with the actual Hugo voting numbers in 2018!

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